Welcome to the new EricMackAttacks.com, which was formerly AttackZoneMedia.com (2014-2015), TheAttackZone.com (2012-2014), theattackzone.wordpress.com (2011-2012), and ericmackattacks.wordpress.com (2010-2011).

Originally, I had ambitions to launch a Huffington Post/Grantland type of site with a team of contributors, but life kind of kept getting in the way. I wasn’t really keeping up with all of the writing I myself wanted to do for the site, so there was pretty much zero chance of being able to recruit other writers and manage and edit what they would bring to the table.

What you are looking at now is the latest/final incarnation of my original idea for a blog containing all of my personal writing on entertainment. I realized a while back I wasn’t leveraging the EricMackAttacks brand enough (the ericmackattacks.com domain was going unused), and since I was never going to turn Attack Zone Media into a true magazine-like site with a team of writers, I thought I’d put all the focus on me and turn what was Attack Zone Media (and The Attack Zone before that) into my personal archive of long-form writings.

As for short-form stuff, check out my new Tumblr (ericmackattacks.tumblr.com) or my Twitter (@EricMackAttacks) for anything I can fit into 140 characters or less.