AllMovie 5-Star Films: The Best Movies of the 1970s

Enter the golden age of cinema. Many of the greatest movies ever were made during the 1970s, when Hollywood could cheaply produce riskier movies like The Godfather, which was the first movie to humanize the mafia. Many of the most famous — and wealthiest — directors both in America (Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas) and abroad (Ridley Scott, Peter Weir) made names for themselves during this decade.

In fact, the advent of the blockbuster allowed for these directors to demand higher salaries and more artistic control, which led to both great (Apocalypse Now) and really, really not-so-great (Heaven’s Gate) movies in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Bombs like Heaven’s Gate directly led to studios tightening the artistic freedom of directors throughout the ’80s, which is why the ’80s was a fairly lackluster decade for film.

During the ’70s, however, conditions were perfect for great filmmaking. This predates the CGI (computer-generated imagery) era, so movies were cheap to make in terms of production costs, especially on the post-production end. As for above-the-line costs (i.e., actors, writers, directors and producers), well, they just cost less back then.

A link to each movie’s AllMovie page is provided below. Let me know if any five-star movies are missing.

5-Star Films from the 1970s

* = animated
** = documentary

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