2013 Releases

2013 was a great year. I reviewed a total of 45 albums (way more than I was anticipating when I started reviewing contemporary releases back in March), and I was impressed by a surprisingly high percentage of them. I even handed out a couple of 5-star ratings, and I told myself at the beginning of the year that it was something I would never do. Well, obviously things can change. Generally speaking, my reviews tend to be positive, since if I don’t like something, I don’t want to spend the time or energy reviewing it. The exception is when it is an album that is highly anticipated or from a high-profile artist and I feel like it is an album I “should” review, though obviously I just review what I feel like at this point.

10/10; A+; ★★★★★

9.5/10; A; ★★★★½

9/10; A-; ★★★★½

8.5/10; B+; ★★★★

8/10; B+; ★★★★

7.5/10; B; ★★★½

7/10; B-; ★★★½

6.5/10; B-; ★★★

6/10; C+; ★★★

5.5/10; C+; ★★½

5/10; C; ★★½

4/10; C-; ★★