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Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs

Album Reviews | Elvis Costello and The Roots – Wise Up Ghost and Other Songs (2013)

This album is so cool. In fact, everything about it is cool. Who could have imagined Elvis Costello, who basically is the definition of hip, playing with hip-hop group the Roots? Unlike other mash-ups...

9 Amazing
Lifes Rich Pageant

Album Reviews | Phoenix – Bankrupt! (2013)

I feel pretty terrible about not liking Phoenix for the last few years, when the only thing they did to wrong me was license their song “1901” from 2009‘s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix to...

9.5 Amazing

Favorite Albums | #11: Green Day – Dookie (1994)

Ah, Dookie. One of my oldest loves. I can remember buying both Dookie and Warning (2000) at Best Buy on my thirteenth birthday. I had been putting off buying Warning since its release the previous Oct...


Favorite Albums | #14: Pearl Jam – Vs. (1993)

It took me a while to really get into Vs., but once I did, boy, did it sink its claws in me and refuse to let go. I can safely say that over the last few years I have listened to Vs. more times than a...

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Automatic for the People
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