Album Reviews | Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots (2014)

I admire Damon Albarn and everything he’s done, especially since pretty much nobody knows who he is in the States. (In fact, if people here recognize his name at all, they would probably associate him more with Gorillaz than Blur.) Albarn‘s album Everyday Robots is similarly admirable, and is more than classy, showcasing a veteran artist’s incredible craftsmanship. Some of the record taps into a sound strikes me as traditional and almost old-timey, though since I’m not a Brit, I’m not the best judge of that. (British old-timey is much different than American old-timey.) Albarn opts for a spare sound, one that feels ghostly in its sense of existentialism and loneliness. On about half of the album’s tracks, this yields fertile results. The title track is strong, “Lonely Press Play” is fantastic, and the closer “Heavy Seas of Love” are the best tracks. On the other half of the record, the music tends to plod without much energy. Since Albarn is such an accomplished craftsman, it’s never completely uninteresting, but a disparity exists between the best and worst nonetheless, which becomes mildly disappointing after a few spins. Still, Everyday Robots is an album worth exploring, since there are some treasures — like the tracks I recommended above — to be discovered.


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