Album Reviews | MS MR – Secondhand Rapture (2013)

HurricaneI was alerted to the existence of MS MR‘s 2012 single “Hurricane” by one of my college roommates who now works at Columbia Records in New York City, liked the song immediately, and have been waiting for more from MS MR ever since. As it turns out, I had to wait many months before Secondhand Rapture, their MS MR‘s debut LP, was ready for release. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint. The songwriting and production, while neither innovative nor revelatory, is solid all the way through, and I am excited to follow this duo as they move forward with their career.

Secondhand Rapture is a quality debut from MS MR, even if the album doesn't quite fulfill the full potential indicated by their promising single "Hurricane."
  • Breezily enjoyable
  • "Hurricane" is a tremendous debut single and lead track
  • Approach of channeling an almost trip-hop feel through the aesthetics of indie rock is pretty cool
  • Songs get a little samey; more variety is needed
  • Production needs to be beefed up some more the next time around; the methods wear a little thin here