Album Reviews | Primal Scream – More Light (2013)

ScreamadelicaI don’t know much about Scottish alternative band Primal Scream, other than that they are positively revered by critics, and that their 1991 album Screamadelica is one of the most acclaimed albums of all time. I debated whether to listen to give a Screamadelica a courtesy listen before diving into 2013’s More Light, and I decided to put it off until later, since at that point I was only listening to albums to scan them for potential favorite songs of the year and I just didn’t have time to listen to anything else. Now that it’s time to write a review for More Light, I kinda regret this decision, but that’s life. Since I’m still largely in the dark about Primal Scream (I’m not in the business of feigning expertise), I’ll keep this short. More Light is a good album, and it gets better with additional plays.

Yeah, at 69 minutes it’s really long, but it’s pretty inviting, more or less. None of the tracks are true knockouts (although the opener, “2013,” and track three, “Culturecide,” certainly are memorable, as is the “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”-esque closer “It’s Alright, It’s OK”), but this is a trip worth taking.

More Light is an enjoyable offering from the veteran Scottish rockers, even if (like me) you don't know much about Primal Scream.
  • Songs may not jump out at first, but their quality emerges slowly with each listen
  • 69-minute length provides a lot to chew on; it's an album worth revisiting again and again
  • No true standout tracks that rank as some of the very best of the year
  • Very heavy dynamic range compression

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