Album Reviews | Spoon – They Want My Soul (2014)

TransferenceSince I didn’t really start paying complete attention to indie rock until about 2010 — the release of Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs was something of a watershed moment, I suppose — I have been slow to adopt a lot of the indie darlings that made big waves before then during the previous decade. And make no mistake, Spoon certainly did — they were named Metacritic’s artist of the decade at the end of 2009. Immediately after that, they released Transference in 2010, also to strong reviews. But they disappeared for a little while to regroup after that, not returning until the summer of 2014 with the release of the superb They Want My Soul. Running a concise 37 minutes, the album’s a quick breeze, but everything in it is solid — I have already listened to it at least a couple dozen times, and am looking forward to listening to it at least a couple dozen more. Nearly every song grabs you as it flies past, especially in the first half of the record.

If They Want My Soul isn’t perfect, it’s because the album drags ever so slightly during the second half, but it’s a strong contender for the best album of the 2014 regardless.

Easily one of the best albums of the year, They Want My Soul is further evidence that the critical acclaim that has been continually thrown Spoon's way for more than a decade now is more than justified.
  • A great set of songs, including some ("Rent I Pay," "Inside Out," "Do You," "Knock, Knock, Knock") that are standouts
  • The album content is so fun the album is over before you know it
  • High level of craft
  • Severe dynamic range compression, though the Mastered for iTunes version is much smoother than the standard digital master you can hear on CD/Amazon/streaming

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