This is a list of the 5-star bop & hard bop albums on AllMusic. If you are interested in looking at other genre-specific lists of AllMusic’s 5-star albums, click here.


In the 1940s, a new movement in jazz emerged in the form of bebop (also known as bop), which was spearheaded by saxophonist Charlie Parker in New York City. It emphasized the virtuosic performances on the part of its participants and the tempo was considerably faster. Bebop eventually evolved into hard bop, a more melodic and intricate form that yielded an astonishing number of great albums. Most of the albums below fall into the hard bop genre.

Anyway, here are the best bop albums, presented in the order in which they were released. I have linked both the artists and albums to their respective AllMusic pages for easy perusal. Let me know if there are any albums I have left out.

5-Star Bop Albums


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