Traditional Country

This is a list of the 5-star country albums on AllMusic. If you would like to view more genre-specific lists of 5-star AllMusic album lists, click here.

Country has always played an interesting role in the development of pop music — it now exists almost independently of the rest of contemporary music as an industry unto itself, obeying its own laws by appealing to separate demographics. Furthermore, country music is headquartered in Nashville, not New York or Los Angeles where the major labels do their business. (Indeed, many of the major labels have entire arms based in Nashville like Warner Bros. Nashville, Mercury Nashville, etc.)

But long ago, country music, like blues, folk, and R&B, was a critical ingredient in the rock & pop recipe, and all of its variations — alternative country, bluegrass, country-pop, and more — have been compiled below. Anyway, here are the aforementioned albums, presented in the order in which they were released. I have linked both the artists and albums to their respective AllMusic pages for easy perusal. Let me know if there are any albums I have left out.’s 3000 Greatest Albums of All Time

In 2003, Rolling Stone published a list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, updating it in 2012. Here’s what AllMusic thinks of the country albums on the list (links to current list provided):






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