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The EpilogueDeftones vocalist Chino Moreno emerged in 2014 in ††† (Crosses), a side project considerably easier on the ears than his main band’s heavy sound. (I attended a concert recently at the Forum in LA where Incubus and Deftones served as co-headliners, and it was a struggle to sit through Deftones’ set — every song sounded exactly the same and was frankly an assault on the ears.) I never got around to reviewing ††† (Crosses)’ debut album of the same name, but I did give the lead single, the excellent “The Epilogue,” a spin and enjoyed it immensely. It’s one of the very few songs on my Top Tracks of 2014 list that comes from an album I didn’t review.

Recommended listening:

  • Deftones – “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” (1997)
  • Deftones – “Change (In the House of Flies)” (2000)
  • ††† (Crosses) – “This Is a Trick” (2014)
  • ††† (Crosses) – “Blk Stallion” (2014)
  • ††† (Crosses) – “T” (2014)

Also, be sure to read Gregory Heaney’s review of ††† (Crosses) on AllMusic if you are unfamiliar with “The Epilogue” or ††† (Crosses).

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