Overview | #80: Jack White – “Lazaretto” (2014) Top Track | #80: Jack White – “Lazaretto” (2014)

LazarettoBefore the album version of “Lazaretto” was released as the lead single for Jack White‘s album of the same name, a live version was recorded, pressed, and released (on vinyl, of course — this is Jack White we’re talking about) on the same day in order to break a world record. I still haven’t heard that version of “Lazaretto,” but the studio version is certainly good enough. Lazaretto was an album I liked when I reviewed it, but I couldn’t find any true knockout tracks on it. The title track is the closest I came to finding one, and it comes in at #80 on my Top Tracks of 2014 list.

Recommended listening:

  • Jack White – “Wayfaring Stranger” (2003)
  • Jack White – “Portland, Oregon” (2004)
  • Jack White and Alicia Keys – “Another Way to Die” (2008)
  • Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines” (2012)
  • Jack White – “Would You Fight for My Love?” (2014)

Also, be sure to read Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s review of Lazaretto on AllMusic if you are unfamiliar with “Lazaretto” or Jack White.

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