Overview | #88: Johnny Marr – “Speak Out Reach Out” (2014) Top Track | #88: Johnny Marr – “Speak Out Reach Out” (2014)

I didn’t enjoy Playland quite as much as Johnny Marr‘s first record The Messenger, which I admit I listened to obsessively. I still gave it a good review though, and “Speak Out Reach Out” is one of my favorite tracks on it. It’s got that intoxicating, dense sound everything he plays on has (including his work in the Smiths), with labyrinthine guitar lines weaving around each other. It’s fun stuff, and it comes in at #88 on my Top Tracks of 2014 list.

Recommended listening:

Also, be sure to read Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s review of Playland on AllMusic if you are unfamiliar with “Speak Out Reach Out” or Johnny Marr.

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