Overview | #86: Run the Jewels – “Angel Duster” (2014) Top Track | #86: Run the Jewels – “Angel Duster” (2014)

I didn’t think Run the Jewels 2 — Pitchfork’s pick for best album of 2014 — even came close to living up to the hype. I found the production to be mostly pedestrian and the musical ideas to be muted. (My review was actually rather harsh.) Still, there are some good tracks on the record where everything does come together, like the closer “Angel Duster,” which is certainly the album’s best-produced track. There’s still a song on Run the Jewels 2 that is better, but it’s absolutely one of the Top Tracks of 2014.

Recommended listening:

Also, be sure to read David Jeffries’ review of Run the Jewels 2 on AllMusic if you are unfamiliar with “Angel Duster” or Run the Jewels.

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