Overview | #97: Ryan Adams – “Feels Like Fire” (2014) Top Track | #97: Ryan Adams – “Feels Like Fire” (2014)

None other than Johnny Depp sings and plays guitar on this track. (He also plays guitar on track 2 on Ryan Adams, “Kim.”) Not every day that an A-list movie star shows up to play on a quality rock album, that’s for sure. There are multiple guitar parts to “Feels Like Fire” (i.e., more than one guitar is being played at once), so it’s hard to tell which part is Depp’s — I assume it’s Adams that’s doing the heavy lifting in terms of laying down the tracks. As for his vocals, they are buried in the background in a pleasant sort of way. (The production on the track is pretty appealing, actually.) Like the rest of the album, “Feels Like Fire” is sunny Laurel Canyon rock in the style of Fleetwood Mac (or his contemporary and frequent associate, Jenny Lewis), and it’s an easy pick for one of the Top Tracks of 2014.

Recommended listening:

Also, be sure to read Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s review of Ryan Adams on AllMusic if you are unfamiliar with “Feels Like Fire” or Ryan Adams.

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