Overview | #83: The Roots feat. Raheem DeVaughn – “Tomorrow” (2014) Top Track | #83: The Roots feat. Raheem DeVaughn – “Tomorrow” (2014)

I ultimately found …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin to be a bit disappointing when I reviewed it, but certainly appreciated that what the Roots gave us was studied — included were three non-Roots tracksĀ from the likes of Nina Simone, Mary Lou Williams, and Michel Chion. However, I found most of the record to be kind of dull, with the exception of the excellent, piano-driven closer “Tomorrow” featuring Raheem DeVaughn. It’s easily the best track on the album, and one of the Top Tracks of 2014.

Recommended listening:

Also, be sure to read Andy Kellman’s review of …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin on AllMusic if you are unfamiliar with “Tomorrow” or the Roots.

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