Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Texas Flood [Stereo] (Analogue Productions Texas Hurricane 45 RPM Box Set)

Remastered all-analog (AAA) from the original master tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound.


Product Description

Mastered from the original analog tapes by Sterling Sound

200-gram pressing by Quality Record Pressings

"The new remastering sounds amazing. Better than it ever did. I'm happy and pleasantly surprised." — Chris "Whipper" Layton

"On these 200-gram remastered vinyl discs tellingly sourced from the original 30 ips analog master tapes, the crisp, sizzling sonics capture the heft of Double Trouble's onstage assault, but now with even more pop and crunch, and, in the case of Reese Wynan's keyboards, scintillatingly enhanced atmospherics." — Music = 5/5; Sonics = 5/5 David McGee, The Absolute Sound, July/August 2015

"His overdriven Stratocaster sound is one that guitar aficionados never tire of hearing live or on record, especially when it's well recorded. ... Yet again, Chad Kassem sets high the box set reissue bar delivering a "must have" package for SRV fans, every bit the equal of the one Doors fans have come to cherish. ...every one of these records betters the originals and by a considerable margin. It is not even close...You've never heard these albums sound like this. That is a 100 % guaranty. ...this is an impeccably produced box set physically and especially sonically. It's the best these albums have ever and probably will ever sound." — Music = 9/11; Sound = 10/11 — Michael Fremer, Read Fremer's full review here: Winner of a Gruvy Award, chosen by AnalogPlanet's editor, Michael Fremer, for vinyl records that are musically and sonically outstanding and are also well mastered and pressed.

" just may be that what we have here is the best replication of the master tapes to date...beautiful pressings of the six LPs. They've never sounded better." — Gregg Geller, producer and A&R man

"This is visceral, hair-raising stuff." — Andy Aledort, senior editor of Guitar World and author of the liner notes for Analogue Productions' Stevie Ray Vaughan Box Set

"These recordings have never sounded this good, and likely will never sound better. Layers seem to have been stripped away, and the music seems to have been set free. Vaughan's guitar has new bite and edge...sonically, all questions have now been answered: Texas Hurricane is the Stevie Ray set to own and enjoy." — Performance = 5 Stars, Sonics = 5 Stars. Robert Baird, Stereophile, July 2014. Read Baird's full review here:

We’ve gone completely all-out for this project. We’ve used the original 30 inches-per-second, half-inch analog master tapes for all of these studio albums as well as for the bonus tracks included on the SACDs. Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound cut the lacquers for the LPs using the ultimate VMS 80 cutting lathe. Gary Salstrom handled the plating and the vinyl was pressed of course at Quality Record Pressings. Andy Aledort, senior editor for Guitar World, wrote the liners with contributions from Stevie Ray Vaughan biographer Craig Hopkins. This set includes a deluxe booklet. We’re using tip-on LP jackets – the finest you can buy. And all of the records are housed in a deluxe box.

We’ve also used the correct original master for Soul To Soul. Every version of this record since 1999 has been from an incorrect source with the wrong take of the track “Life Without You.” We’ve got it just as the original.

There’s not a link in this chain that wasn’t absolute first-rate. The absolute best that money can buy.

But beyond that we’ve poured our passion into this project. Acoustic Sounds is a big fan of the blues and Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s a big dream come true to work on this project and to make these records sound and look the best they ever have.

What if. What if everything that Acoustic Sounds customers have come to know and worship about the sonic superiority of Quality Record Pressings LPs could be brought to bear on one of the rockingest powerhouses of blues guitar who ever lived?

Then your wish is granted. We're about to rock your world with the greatest Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute ever reissued: Six of Vaughan's most classic album titles combined in the ultimate box sets — both LP and Hybrid SACD — for ultimate blues and guitar fanatics!

With his astonishingly accomplished guitar playing, Stevie Ray Vaughan ignited the blues revival of the '80s. Vaughan drew equally from bluesmen like Albert King, Otis Rush and Hubert Sumlin and rock & roll players like Jimi Hendrix and Lonnie Mack, as well as the stray jazz guitarist like Kenny Burrell, developing a uniquely eclectic and fiery style that sounded like no other guitarist, regardless of genre. Vaughan bridged the gap between blues and rock like no other artist had since the late '60s. For about seven years, Stevie Rany Vaughan was the leading light in American blues, consistently selling out concerts while his albums regularly went gold. His tragic death in 1990 only emphasized his influence in blues and American rock & roll.

This is classic Stevie Ray Vaughan, meticulously remastered from the analog tapes by New York's Sterling Sound. In each set you'll receive Texas Flood, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Soul to Soul, In Step, plus the posthumous classics Family Style and The Sky Is Crying.

Those of you familiar with our previous LP box sets — Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk, Creedence Clearwater Revival — and soon to come, The Doors — know how deluxe these sets are. From the detailed liner notes to the rarest photographs, these sets will truly be gems.

For those with an audiophile passion and a pocketbook on a budget, the 331/3 LP set satisfies like no other. The truly luxurious — and ultimate — listening experience can be had on 45 RPM LP. With so few songs on each side and at 45 RPM, your cartridge will capture every last winsome note. Both box sets will be pressed on 200 gram vinyl at QRP, lauded for its vinyl manufacturing excellence.

Each LP set will come housed in deluxe tip-on gatefold jackets that include rarely published, intimate photos — a look inside the career of a legend whose death at age 35 shocked the music world. A few statistics showcase Vaughan's success and musical influence: His debut album Texas Flood, reached No. 38 on the charts, crossing over to rock radio stations. The album's succesor, Couldn't Stand the Weather, released in May 1984, reached No. 31 on the charts; by the end of 1985 it went gold. Vaughan and his band, Double Trouble, recorded their third album, Soul to Soul, released in August 1985, and it reached No. 34 on the charts.

These box sets will exceed your expectations, whether you're an LP or SACD enthusiast. We guarantee it.

"Finally got a chance tonight to listen to the Couldn't Stand The Weather test pressing. Awesome sound! Big difference. The vocal and Stevie's guitar are in better focus, with the drums behind Stevie instead of on top. The ambiance is more woody and less tinny. Can't wait to hear the rest of the box." - Craig Hopkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan biographer

"The most extraordinary aspect of this new presentation is the sound. In the studio environment, nothing sounds better than the original analog master tape. The depth of sound and presence of each instrument is simply startling. When I first listened to the 45-rpm vinyl version of the track, 'Couldn't Stand the Weather' included in this set, I was floored. The astonishing depth and presence of the recording - exemplified by the clarity and focused detail of each instrument - surrounds you completely, offering a listening experience I can only liken to that of listening to the original analog master tape. And when Stevie's guitar solo comes in, the impression is that you are standing right there in the room with him, next to his amp. You can hear his fretting fingers on the strings and the forceful power of his pick-hand attack. This is hair-raising stuff, and is an experience no lover of music should be deprived of." - Andy Aledort, senior editor of Guitar World and author of the liner notes for Analogue Productions' Stevie Ray Vaughan Box Set

"With all of the reissues coming from questionable sources or proudly proclaiming their 'digital-ness' ala The Beatles Box, we're fortunate to have labels like Analogue Productions, Mobile Fidelity, ORG, IMPEX, Rhino and the others cutting lacquers from analog tapes. Acoustic Sounds' Chad Kassem sent this image of the master tape box from Couldn't Stand the Weather one of the many Stevie Ray Vaughan albums his reissue label is currently readying for release, pressed at his Quality Record Pressings pressing plant in Salina, Kansas. That's a form of vertical integration we like! I have heard some truly miserable vinyl reissues from labels like Vinyl Lovers and ZYX some of which didn't even sound like the same music when compared to original pressings. I've also heard test pressings of these SRV albums and they will rock your world! So, we are lucky to have these companies that are doing things correctly lavishing vinyl goodies on us all year long. Sometimes we wish they'd stop long enough for us to catch up, but then we come to our senses and say "more please!" even when the shelves are stuffed." — Michael Fremer,

"...must be the cleanest test pressings I've ever listened to...there is a warmth and depth here (especially on Texas Flood and Couldn't Stand The Weather) that I've never heard before...I'd be very happy to continue to listen to these pressings - forever. And, of course, it just may be that what we have here is the best replication of the master tapes to date...beautiful pressings of the six LPs. They've never sounded better." - Gregg Geller, Producer and A&R Man

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