2014 Reissues

Led Zeppelin IV [Deluxe]

Album Reviews | Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV [Deluxe] (2014)

Ah, the big one. I must confess that I am looking forward to the Physical Graffiti reissue in February the most, but I fully realize that IV is the deluxe edition people will probably care the most ab...

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? [Deluxe Edition]

Album Reviews | Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? [Deluxe] (2014)

The National Geographic Channel did a special miniseries a little while ago called The ’90s: The Last Great Decade, and it chronicled a lot of events from my youth that are actually really inter...

Led Zeppelin [Deluxe]

Album Reviews | Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin [Deluxe] (2014)

Few reissue campaigns merit more excitement than the prospect of one by Led Zeppelin. Not only is their catalog being remastered for the first time in two decades, but an uncharacteristically large am...

8 Great
Led Zeppelin II (Reduced)

Album Reviews | Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II [Deluxe] (2014)

Of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums — all of which were reissued in double-disc deluxe edition form on June 3, 2014 as part of a catalog-wide remastering campaign — Led Zeppelin II ...

8 Great
Led Zeppelin III

Album Reviews | Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III [Deluxe] (2014)

Although the bonus disc of companion audio that rounds out the deluxe edition release of Led Zeppelin III is no less brief than the companion audio disc for the equivalent reissue of Led Zeppelin II, ...

8 Great
Superunknown [Super Deluxe]

Album Reviews | Soundgarden – Superunknown [Super Deluxe] (2014)

It’s interesting that Soundgarden would elect to begin reissuing their albums with their fourth, 1994’s Superunknown. (Let’s be honest, of course there will be more reissues.) But co...

7 Good
Definitely Maybe

Album Review | Oasis – Definitely Maybe [Deluxe] (2014)

One of the great things about Oasis in the ’90s was the treasure trove of extra material they packed into singles — each one effectively was expanded into an EP, filled with non-album cuts...

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