Ashley Monroe

The Blade

Album Reviews | Ashley Monroe – The Blade (2015)

Ashley Monroe certainly had a banner year in 2013. In March, she released her long overdue debut LP Like a Rose, and in May the Pistol Annies — a trio consisting of Monroe, superstar Miranda Lam...

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Like a Rose

Overview | #41: Ashley Monroe – “You Got Me” (2013) Top Track | #41: Ashley Monroe – “You Got Me” (2013)

Ashley Monroe is having an MVP year, releasing not one but two great country albums in the first half of 2013, her solo debut Like a Rose and Annie Up with the Pistol Annies, of which she is a member ...

Like a Rose

Album Reviews | Ashley Monroe – Like a Rose (2013)

As a suburbanite-turned-city slicker, I have no feel whatsoever of Rural/Middle/Small Town America, despite being white as hell. (Though I have spent the past seven years in Miami and Los Angeles, so ...

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