Atoms for Peace

Overview | #12: Atoms for Peace – “Reverse Running” (2013) Top Track | #12: Atoms for Peace – “Reverse Running” (2013)

If you like Radiohead, chances are you’ll like Atoms for Peace‘s new album Amok, since, well, it’s basically a Thom Yorke solo album, featuring Flea on bass and Radiohead right-hand ...

Overview | #43: Atoms for Peace – “Judge Jury and Executioner” (2013) Top Track | #43: Atoms for Peace – “Judge Jury and Executioner” (2013)

I rather enjoyed Amok, the debut LP from Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s side project Atoms for Peace, and “Judge Jury and Executioner” is one of the best songs on it. It’s fabulously hummable, to the...


Album Reviews | Atoms for Peace – Amok (2013)

Given Radiohead‘s increasing fondness for more esoteric sounds and aesthetic experimentation, it should come as no surprise that frontman Thom Yorke‘s side project Atoms for Peace is even ...

8.5 Great