Johnny Marr

Adrenalin Baby: Johnny Marr Live

Album Reviews | Johnny Marr – Adrenalin Baby: Johnny Marr Live (2015)

I haven’t reviewed any live albums since I began reviewing albums in 2013, so I figured Adrenalin Baby: Johnny Marr Live is as good a place as any to start. And it’s not because this is an...

9 Amazing

Overview | #88: Johnny Marr – “Speak Out Reach Out” (2014) Top Track | #88: Johnny Marr – “Speak Out Reach Out” (2014)

I didn’t enjoy Playland quite as much as Johnny Marr‘s first record The Messenger, which I admit I listened to obsessively. I still gave it a good review though, and “Speak Out Reach...


Album Reviews | Johnny Marr – Playland (2014)

After taking some 25 years to deliver his first proper solo album, Johnny Marr returns with a surprise sophomore set just over 18 months later. Whereas 2013’s The Messenger was a blast of nostal...

7.5 Good
The Messenger

Overview | #4: Johnny Marr – “New Town Velocity” (2013) Top Track | #4: Johnny Marr – “New Town Velocity” (2013)

There are a lot of alternative acts I haven’t yet given the proper amount of attention, and the Smiths is one of them. When I saw that Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr was (finally) releasing a solo...

The Messenger

Overview | #35: Johnny Marr – “Say Demesne” (2013) Top Track | #35: Johnny Marr – “Say Demesne” (2013)

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr’s 2013 solo debut The Messenger turned out great, I thought. “Say Demesne,” featuring Marr’s patented ringing, is my second favorite song on the record, and it come...

The Messenger

Album Reviews | Johnny Marr – The Messenger (2013)

Although Johnny Marr left the Smiths back in 1987, 2013‘s The Messenger is his first solo album, and it’s a good one. Aside from the excellent 1984 B-side (and 1985 single) “How Soon...

9 Amazing

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