Ryan Adams


Album Reviews | Ryan Adams – 1989 (2015)

When I first heard of Ryan Adams‘ preposterous song-for-song cover album of Taylor Swift’s 2014 bestseller 1989, I thought it was some kind of joke. Adams is famously prolific, having reco...

5.5 Average
Ryan Adams

Overview | #97: Ryan Adams – “Feels Like Fire” (2014) Top Track | #97: Ryan Adams – “Feels Like Fire” (2014)

None other than Johnny Depp sings and plays guitar on this track. (He also plays guitar on track 2 on Ryan Adams, “Kim.”) Not every day that an A-list movie star shows up to play on a qual...

Ryan Adams

Album Reviews | Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams (2014)

I don’t know a whole lot about Ryan Adams. In fact, the thing about him that has always stood out to me most is that he’s married to fellow singer Mandy Moore, who is probably better known...

8 Great

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