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Adrian Thaws

Album Reviews | Tricky – Adrian Thaws (2014)

Tricky sure is prolific: in just under two decades of solo output, he has now released ten albums, the latest of which is titled after his real name, Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws. Is this album inte...

6.5 Fair
False Idols

Overview | #10: Tricky – “Is That Your Life” (2013) Top Track | #10: Tricky – “Is That Your Life” (2013)

Tricky is one of the largest figures in ’90s electronic music; his rap contributions to Massive Attack‘s 1991 album Blue Lines led critics to, in retrospect, dub that record the first R...

False Idols

Album Reviews | Tricky – False Idols (2013)

I dig trip-hop, a sub-genre of electronica that emerged with Massive Attack‘s seminal 1991 album Blue Lines, which featured the rapping of Tricky, although he was never a member of the group. Tr...

7.5 Good