Wakin On a Pretty Daze

Overview | #24: Kurt Vile – “Snowflakes Are Dancing” (2013) Top Track | #24: Kurt Vile – “Snowflakes Are Dancing” (2013)

While all of Kurt Vile’s sophomore outing Wakin on a Pretty Daze is top-notch, “Snowflakes Are Dancing” has proven to be the most addictive track of the bunch for me, perhaps because it has a faster t...

Overview | #38: Kurt Vile – “Wakin on a Pretty Day” (2013) Top Track | #38: Kurt Vile – “Wakin on a Pretty Day” (2013)

Kurt Vile was easily one of the most thrilling discoveries I made in 2013, and I absolutely love his latest set, Wakin on a Pretty Daze. I’m not sure if “Wakin on a Pretty Day” quite qualifies as a ti...

Wakin On a Pretty Daze

Top Track | #52: Kurt Vile – “Goldtone” (2013)

One of my regrets in assembling a list this big is that, inevitably, deserving songs get overlooked — even if they are right under my nose. Such is the case with the Kurt Vile song “Air Bud,” which wo...

Wakin On a Pretty Daze

Album Reviews | Kurt Vile – Wakin On a Pretty Daze (2013)

One of the reasons why 2013 was such a great year for music was because of albums like Kurt Vile‘s Wakin on a Pretty Daze, a lo-fi record released on the indie label Matador. It’s the kind...

9.5 Amazing

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