Below is a curated cache of every five-star film on AllMovie — films that, in that site’s view, are the greatest of all time. Curating this directory has been a lot of fun for me, and I hope you find this section of the site useful.

— Eric

The sister site to AllMusic is AllMovie, which applies the same five-star rating system for movies that AllMusic uses for albums.

My impression is that 5-star movies on AllMovie are even rarer than 5-star albums on AllMusic. I suppose it’s simple mathematics; more albums get made than movies.

I tend to disagree with AllMovie’s opinion more than I do with AllMusic’s, especially with the more contemporary movies — their reviews of those tend to be very hit or miss — but it would appear their focus is more on world cinema and on which movies actually expand upon the principles of cinema, which makes sense.

I’m going to attempt to catalog all of AllMovie’s 5-star movies below, separating them by decade. I have created separate sections for documentaries and animated films, as well as for performance films, miniseries, and series.

When you click on a movie title on the lists below, it should open a new tab and take you to the review of the film on AllMovie. I have also linked to the AllMovie pages for the directors as well.

Please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page if you see any errors or discrepancies. I’ll do my best to keep this list updated and accurate so it can be used as a resource for those who need it.

Feature Films

The Silent Era

The 1930s

The 1940s

The 1950s

The 1960s

The 1970s

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The 2000s

The 2010s

The 2020s


Animated Films


Documentary Films


Performance Films